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Since 1983, Bob Davies has used his considerable personal and professional experience as a leader to help people around the country become more confident and more productive . As a keynote speaker, author, trainer and coach, Mr. Davies has drawn upon the lessons he has accumulated, from his humble childhood roots to his successful career as a college football coach, in order to develop a system for improving lives based on clarity, focus and accountability. Mr. Davies holds a Bachelor's degree in Health from Rutgers University and a Master's degree in Psychology from Springfield College.

As a graduate assistant wrestling and football coach for Springfield, Mr. Davies worked with Jeff Blatnick, an athlete who would later win an Olympic gold medal in Greco-Roman wrestling. After completing his graduate studies, he was hired as the head football and wrestling coach at the California Institute of Technology. During his time at Cal Tech, he also worked as a researcher, studying the work of Nobel Prize-winning Neuropsychologist Roger Sperry, whose work on split brain research has been highly influential in the development of techniques for elite performance.

Bob continued to develop his coaching methodologies by researching a number of elite scientists in the field of human behavior, whose works helped to inspire his motivational techniques. After leaving Cal Tech in 1979, he accepted a position as an Assistant Coach of the California State University Fullerton football team. The CSUF team's schedule was full of opposing teams that were composed of more talented athletes.

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We found Bob while looking for a speaker for the closing session of our national business development conference. We needed to send our team away energized to go after some stretched growth targets. We researched speakers and selected Bob because from his videos and the initial interviews with us, he seemed to have the right background, message and energy level. He customized his talk to resonate with our audience and this and the message was well received by the group, including the CEO. Despite some challenges with the weather in the northeast during the conference he made it on time and finished on time to close out a very successful conference. I would recommend Bob if you are looking to reinforce changed behavior in your group.

Bill Davis, Vice President of Corporate Development Aqua America, Inc.

What people say?

Thank you so much for speaking to our Annual Convention. The program was entertaining, thought provoking and upbeat. The audience came away from the evening with a lot of information to take back to their offices and put into practice. I would certainly recommend you to anyone looking for a quality program.

Susan Worthington, CIC EVP

What people say?

The only complaints seemed to be from people wanting more of your time and to hear more of your words of wisdom, as not only were they motivated, they had take-home value they could implement immediately.

Edwin J. Pittock, President, Society of Certified Senior Advisors

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