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Bob Davies delivers with a standing ovation. Bob’s humorous style of delivery and value of his message is what makes him one of the leading keynote speakers. His ability to provide an affirmative message while making his audience laugh earned him a spot as one of the top 100 Greatest Minds of Personal Development by Excellence Magazine.

His message is clear and the outcomes are limitless. With Bob’s unique methods, individuals can make small changes that yield enormous outcomes; after all, the difference between 211° and 212° is the difference between standing water and boiling water. Bob’s techniques teach people how to take advantage of core actionable steps to yield massive results. By engaging the audience with humor, the techniques are absorbed easily and provide a common sense approach to implementation. His message of turning avoidance into execution leaves his audiences with a lasting sense of empowerment that drives them to reap a lifetime of results.

You have far more capacity to create the circumstances and events in your life than you are aware of.

Bob Davies in one of America’s Top Motivational Speakers

The success of an event hinges on an established speaker who can deliver a powerful message while entertaining the crowd with a magnetic personality. Bob Davies is known for his ability to connect with crowds through humor while teaching them how to achieve their career goals. Every presentation is crafted with your overall agenda in mind, providing greater value to the event through his dynamic style of entertainment.

When meeting planners research the top motivational speakers in the country, Bob Davies has cemented his reputation as a leading keynote speaker. As a master of his craft, Bob utilizes a number of techniques to create customized presentation experiences for his clients. Most motivational speakers offer canned approaches to their strategies, but Bob Davies uses his expansive understanding of human psychology to develop presentations that will inspire motivation and accountability.

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Steve Mariucci, former NFL Head Football Coach, San Francisco, Detroit
I have seen the results that people have when they work with Bob Davies. Really, nothing short of amazing! This man is a behavior expert!
Bob Davies and Steve Mariucci
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Thank for so very much for being a part of our annual Symposium meeting in Orlando on October 25th, 2012. The topic area covered in “The Sky is Not the Limit” was so compelling and your ability to communicate to the audience with such energy and expertise was remarkable. We were very happy to have you open the Symposium and in your ability to ignite enthusiasm and set the proper tone for the two day engagement. It was with great pleasure and gratitude to observe you providing out Advisor’s with an experience, rather than simply a presentation of material… you had the audience laughing, nodding, and participating all the way through.

In closing, we are very happy with our decision to have you kick off the most significant event of our year. Thank you for making it such a huge success.

Justin M. Cole, MBA CFPVice President of Business DevelopmentJW Cole Financial

Thank you again for speaking at the 53rd Annual IFA Convention! On behalf of the IFA I want to thank you for your time and hard work. We have finished compiling the attendee surveys and want to share the results with you. Overall, we’ve received great feedback about the conference! If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to ask.


Additional Comments: Would love a list of Bob’s books. I liked Bob’s presentation for personal accountability. Bob’s mini-bar example perfect. Bob Davies was great.

Catherine MurphyConferences ManagerInternational Franchise Association
the 12% Factor
Learn How Small Changes Turn Into Massive Results
The 1.2% Factor by Bob Davies
Bob Davies is America's Performance Coach that knows what it takes for individuals to breakthrough challenges and achieve results that stick. In his renowned entertaining approach, Bob delivers the keys to creating, changing and keeping habits that deliver lifetime results that few experience. Living to your peak abilities
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