As the challenges of competing in a modern economy evolve, companies must break free from the inertia that compels them to continue addressing problems as they always have. Professionals who focus on their work may not even recognize the potential for greater efficiency, and managers may not be aware that a simple shift in their approach can yield better team performance. Training manuals and PowerPoint can take outdated advice and present it in a bland message that is unlikely to address any real problems or have a lasting impact on the audience. Identifying problems, inefficiencies, and missed opportunities requires the perspective of an experienced outside expert that recognizes the importance of a dynamic message, and can adjust it to meet the needs of any group or organization.


Bob developed his methodologies based on years of research into human development, and the principles behind elite performers in every field, from athletics to the financial industry. His strategies help individuals tap into their innate potential to achieve results, a principle that is applicable for anyone, regardless of their career. This unique range of application also allows Bob to tailor the time of his programs to suit the needs of your event. Whether you need a 45 minute introduction to unlocking your audiences' potential, or a day-long intensive program that will teach your audience the application of performance-focused tools, Bob Davies will work with you to create a truly customized experience.

Bob Davies has decades of experience working with a diverse set of clients around the country, helping teams and managers break free from their routine and discover their unrealized potential. Using his engaging keynote presentations, Mr. Davies taps into a deep well of personal anecdotes and professional training to deliver a message that is clear, engaging and compelling.

Mr. Davies' keynotes take advantage of his diverse fields of study and personal experiences to create a holistic understanding of both the barriers to success and the strategies for overcoming them. Contrary to what we may believe, our biggest competitor is not other companies or the environment in which we operate - It is ourselves.


How to Achieve Personal Fulfillment

Based on the principle that all human performance is either the avoidance of pain or the search for comfort, Mr. Davies uses gravity's unyielding force to illustrate that whether we accept or deny something as real, it will affect us indiscriminately. As humans subconsciously perceive an activity as uncomfortable, they instinctively avoid it and rationalize their behavior in order to justify their reluctance. This is a very common non-conscious process that causes individuals to think that they are too busy, or that they are already doing their best.

There are three natural resistances that humans have that must be dealt with in order to improve performance and achieve personal fulfillment:

  1. People will resist doing activities that they don't feel like doing.
  2. People will resist doing activities that they perceive as being uncomfortable.
  3. People will resist, fear, and avoid change.

Overcoming the natural resistance to change does not require fighting human nature, but rather surrendering to it and shifting the way we perceive an activity. As an example, the audience will participate in a demonstration that takes something that is typically considered uncomfortable, like dieting, and shifts their perception of it so that it becomes seeking comfort rather than avoiding pain. It is simply a matter of perception, which, as Mr. Davies will demonstrate, we have the ability to control.

In order to bring you a truly customized experience, titles of each keynote can be adapted to the theme of your conference.



Keynote I - The 1.2% Factor

In this keynote, Bob Davies explains his methodology in an exciting conversation that engages the audience with a simple yet profound set of actionable ways to reach their health, business and personal goals. By developing a mental capacity for enhanced performance, Bob's audience will realize that his innovative techniques can be used to achieve their personal and financial goals.

Mr. Davies will reveal how certain aspects of human nature inhibit performance. The audience will then be able to implement these lessons both for themselves and for others as a system of specific declarations and accountability resulting in elite performance and the ability to achieve declared goals. By learning from Mr. Davies' experience of overcoming fear, the audience will be able to identify and overcome the obstacles that presently stand in the way of success in sales and in life.

In order to illustrate the importance of overcoming fear, Mr. Davies makes use of metaphors and participatory exercises to help the audience understand his points.  These activities place participants outside of their comfort zones, and help to illustrate an important point: People will not consistently do what they don't feel like doing. This will instantly help your audience understand the dynamic of reluctance that causes a profound insight - their own brains are holding them back from achieving results.  This lesson will serve as a lasting reminder of the negative impact of internal self-talk.

Our internal dialogue is our biggest competitor, and overcoming our fears depends on accepting four core principles:

  • Living With Integrity - I do what I say I will do
  • The Interdependence of Synergy - I'm far better off as part of a team than can be by myself
  • Accountability - I am the source of all that I experience
  • Service - I am committed to and am of service to others

The benefits of this program are practically limitless!  Whether your audience is looking to succeed personally or professionally, Bob Davies will teach them the tools they need to create the habits they need to have to reach their goals.  Stop making excuses and start making sales!  Contact Bob Davies now to book him for your event!

Keynote II - The Manager as a Coach

After graduating from Rutgers University, Mr. Davies used his passion for athletics and motivation to coach high school football for two years.  His expertise earned him a position as the head football and wrestling coach as the California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech), and later as an assistant coach of the California State University Fullerton (CSUF) football team. By utilizing the research of Nobel-Prize winning Neurophysiologist Roger Sperry, Mr. Davies crafted a coaching method that would later help lead his team to two conference championships.

Initially, Bob was confused as to why his presentations were so new for his audiences.  People from all experience levels responded to Bob's programs as if they were new and unique information.  It was then that Bob came to a realization:  Of all the football coaches and scientists who were part of this research, Bob was the only speaker.  Although the colleagues who helped develop this process have gone on to achieve great success in their fields, Bob is the only one who has taken his scientifically-based information to the public.

His "Manager As a Coach" keynote describes coaching as a relationship that fosters discovery, self-learning, and accountability.  Although this is a stand alone program, it builds on the information and lessons learned in Keynote 1.  Bob teaches his audience to use their newly discovered skills to become effective leaders and coaches.  Bob engages with the audience and shows them how to ask effective, powerful questions that reveal previously untapped insights and capabilities.

Mr. Davies will also give the audience three specific coaching skills that will instantly and dramatically improve their ability to have an impact in coaching themselves and other people.  This unique and innovative approach is unlike anything even the most experienced coach, manager or salesperson has ever seen.  After a 30-minute intensive lecture and a 60-minute engaging interactive session, Bob's audience will leave the event with the expert competency of a seasoned coach, allowing them to lead themselves, and others, toward achieving their goals.

Keynote III - It's All Attitude

The user manual for the human brain is finally here, and no one is more qualified to present it to your audience than Bob Davies!

In this exciting program, Bob explores the sequence of events that leads to success, and how to influence their own perceptions in order to instantly change how they feel, and what they do.

Bob simplifies complex scientific concepts to show his audience how stress and frustration create barriers that hold people back from accomplishing their goals.  By eliminating these factors - and by adopting a system of altered perception - the audience will learn that they are the source of all that they experience.  As humans, we have a natural tendency to hold onto negative emotions, which Bob has defined as the 3 R's:

  • Resistance
  • Resentment
  • Revenge

These obstacles keep people from tapping into their true potential, which limits their ability to succeed personally and professionally.  Once the audience understands these principles, Bob will teach them how to rewire their brains for success.  Through this exciting presentation, the audience will learn the following to help them reach their goals:

  • How and why to have a "here and now" orientation
  • Why they should change the story that they tell themselves about their experiences, and how they can change it
  • How to turn frustration into fascination

Bob will teach your audience a different set of 3 R's

  • Reframe-the meaning they give to events in their lives.
  • Refocus-what they pay attention to.
  • Redirect-their behavior and actions.

Keynote IV - Behavioral Economics - Understanding Why Your Clients Take On the Mind of the Market and What to do About It

We all learn to respond to authority and fear - it's built into our society!  In fact, we go out of our way, and defy our morality, to show obedience to authority figures.  In this fascinating keynote presentation, Bob Davies shows his audience how fear and a group-think mentality affects the market, and how to increase results by learning to recognize and avoid conformity.

The audience will discover that human beings are genetically coded to avoid loss rather than seek gain, and how this mindset carries over into our buying decisions.  They will learn how a dollar lost in the stock market is more painful than the joy of a dollar gained and the steps they can take to eliminate this thought-process in themselves and others.  Using humorous examples and scientific studies, Bob breaks down the principles behind behavioral economics, and helps his audience understand why their clients take on the mind of the market, and the steps they can take to reduce fear and a group-think mentality, and start making money.

Bob will teach his audiences the best practices utilized by the country's top industry professionals and elite performers to help them improve sales regardless of the economic climate!  No matter your industry, Bob will help you understand the keys to improving performance and results in your field.  Call his office now to book Bob Davies for your event!

Keynote V - Wellness program

Weight loss organizations are not designed to help you lose weight; if they worked, they would be out of business!  The truth is, a solution does exist to lose weight, and the best part is that there is no diet, willpower or exercise required.  It seems too good to be true, but through his revolutionary Food Management Program Bob Davies will finally give your audience the tool they need to successfully lose weight and keep it off.

Obesity is one of the most urgent public health problems in the nation.  Over two-thirds of Americans are overweight, increasing the chances of developing chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, asthma, heart disease and cancer.  It's time for a change.

Bob Davies provides what is missing from the weight loss industry:  a common-sense approach that will yield results without cravings, hunger or a need for exercise or willpower.  This isn't just a meal plan:  For the first time in their lives, your audience will be taught how to eat.  Although you don't even need to exercise in this program, Bob is an advocate of exercising for fitness, not for weight control.  Everyone claims to have a revolutionary diet or book, and trainers are still stuck in the current trend of eating six meals per day, counting calories, and an intensive exercise regimen.

This weight loss solution really works; countless people have already used Bob's approach to lose hundreds of pounds, and Bob himself used it to lose 50 pounds in just a few months.  You already know the benefits - a healthier body, enhanced self-worth, and a loose waistband - so book Bob Davies for your event to get the full details on his one-of-a-kind weight loss solution!  This exciting presentation is also ideal for your client appreciation or client acquisition event, so contact Bob Davies today!

Health Through Food Management Not a Diet No Exercise Required

You've Got A Lot to Lose! Client Appreciation and Acquisition With a Food Management Seminar!

Weight Management Article Investment News

Bob Davies from Million Dollar Round Table, Weighing in on Food

Keynote VI - A Culture of Safety - The Behavioral Approach

Companies undoubtedly intend to comply with OSHA regulations for both their employees' well being and for the increased productivity that comes with a healthy workforce. Despite robust safety protocols and extensive employee training, occupational injuries remain a serious problem. One out of every five workplace fatalities is a construction worker. Falls from elevation account for one-third of all deaths in construction. One in four "struck by vehicle" deaths involve construction workers, more than any other occupation. The fatality rate for excavation work is 112% higher than the rate for general construction. There was an average of 362 fatal falls each year according to OSHA statistics from 1995 to 1999. The problem is self-evident, but companies need a new approach to creating a safer workplace. The key to creating a culture of safety is supervisor and manager action. Actions may include:

  • An industrial engineer might conduct job safety analyses, breaking the work tasks down into small steps to identify how the work is done and concentrating particularly on how work can be done safely.
  • Workers might be encouraged to suggest critical incidents, events that if they are executed correctly, will keep the worker safe or, if they are executed incorrectly, will likely cause injury.
  • Workers might be encouraged to report near misses, instances in which someone came close to being injured. These might then be analyzed to identify what behaviors would avoid the near miss.
  • An ergonomics expert might be asked to examine how work is currently being done to identify ways in which cumulative trauma disorders are likely to occur.
  • Groups of workers might suggest safe ways to do specific jobs.
  • Injury/accident reports might be analyzed for ways in which specific behaviors may have contributed to injuries. Then, safe behaviors would be developed to replace each of the previously identified unsafe behaviors.

This keynote develops a behavioral safety mindset that enhances your ability to identify unsafe behaviors, builds appropriate observation checklists, and educates workers on how to assess and offer feedback on safety behavior. Implementation of an effective culture of safety depends on proactive supervisors and managers, and Mr. Davies explains the keys to empowering them. A workplace's adoption of culture of safety is built upon attitude.  The first section of the presentation examines:

  • How our thoughts impact what we pay attention to
  • The limits of our perception
  • The essential driving forces of motivation
  • The way in which avoiding pain and seeking comfort leads to complacency, which is largely responsible for accidents

After helping the audience understand the nature of the problem, Mr. Davies presents his effective solution based on the importance of accountability. This section includes:

  • The role of participatory measurement in increasing focus
  • How to create habits of safety
  • How to use accountability to implement safety best practices.

Keynote VII - Entertainment Through Hypnosis

Bob Davies uses his hypnosis demonstration to illustrate his concepts on human perception. The real stars of his show however are the audience volunteers who come up on stage to be hypnotized.

Bob's hypnosis presentation is unlike any stage entertainment using hypnosis you may be familiar with. He doesn't have anyone do anything embarrassing. It's a professional demonstration that highlights how perception actually works to influence an individuals' beliefs and actions. Every suggestion that he gives to the volunteers is a demonstration and explanation of a concept that has been taught. The entire audience will have a chance to experience the power of their own thoughts in this program.

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