Audio Visual Needs

  • Bob's audio and visual requirements:
    • Bob uses a clip-on microphone for every keynote. For Keynote II, he will need an additional wireless handheld microphone.
    • Bob uses a PowerPoint presentation, and as such, will need a screen and an LCD projector.
    • Digital copies of the conference or event logos
    • If possible, Bob prefers to use his own laptop during presentation
    • Bob provides his own wireless remote
  • For keynotes II and VII Bob will need a wireless hand held microphone in addition to a clip on wireless.


  • Bob offers two options for handouts: A complimentary copy and a royalty copy. He will discuss the details of these handouts during his call with you.

Additional Accommodation Needs

  • For his accommodation, Bob prefers a double-bed in a non-smoking room that is close to the elevator. The room should be as close to the function as possible. A room with a microwave and refrigerator is requested.

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