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I'm pleased to introduce Bob Davies.

As a college football coach, Bob Davies helped the athletes at Cal State Fullerton to tap into their potentials and win two conference championships.

He was also the coach for Olympic gold medalist, Jeff Blatnick, who overcame Hodgkins Disease to win the gold at the 1984 Olympics in Greco Roman Wrestling.

Bob's unique experience of competing with poverty and negative influences enables him to share his strategies for success with us today.

Bob is known as the "performance coach".  His education, professional designations, and personal life experiences qualifies him as the definitive expert in the field of human potential.

He is the author of several books, multiple CD albums and DVDs.  He is one of the pioneers of the E-Learning environment and has developed one of the world's first online interactive coaching portals!

Bob has helped a lot of people to make more money, his presentations are fun, and he will give you all the information you need to help others as well.

And just a personal note; I'll be disappointed if you don't tell us your 'mini bar' story!

Now, let's welcome, Bob Davies!


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