Client Appreciation and Acquisition Event

If you need an entertaining and memorable performance for your next client appreciation and client acquisition event, few can electrify and motivate an audience like Bob Davies. Any of Mr. Davies' entertaining and engaging keynotes can be adapted for client appreciation and client acquisition events. Bob will use his proven strategies to teach you how to run an "Each One Reach One" campaign. This will allow you to simultaneously add value to your event while giving your clients a reason to invite people from their centers of influence to attend an event that will benefit them without focusing on your product or service.

Although any of his keynotes can be successfully adapted for use in a Client Appreciation or Acquisition event, Bob most commonly recommends the use of Keynote 1: "The 1.2% Factor"Keynote 5: "Food Management Program" or Keynote 7: "Comedy Hypnosis Entertainment". Bob brings added value to your event by teaching his audiences how to succeed personally and professionally by tapping into their potential for elite performance. Whether you're looking to accumulate new clients, or impress your existing clients, Bob Davies will showcase you as a person who has high-quality and meaningful events.

Book Signing Event

Bob has a reputation as one of the foremost motivational speakers in the country, so once an audience has seen him present one of his keynotes, they will want to learn more about his unique motivational techniques. Whether he is presenting a keynote at your event, or if you are sponsoring a booth at a convention hall, Bob Davies' presence and magnetic personality brings added value to your event. Bob will draw visitors to your booth by signing books.

Skydiving Event

Bob Davies is one of the few speakers in America who can not only motivate your audience with his proven keynote programs, and who can also help your audience confront and overcome fear through his tandem skydiving event!

Since 1989, the tandem skydiving event has been used to allow his seminar graduates to come face-to-face with fear and apply the techniques learned through Bob's keynote programs to take action and overcome their anxiety.

After receiving training from certified instructors, each team member will be equipped with a secure harness system that will connect them with an experienced tandem jumper for the duration of the skydive. The tandem pilot will instruct each jumper through the process, allowing them to face their fears with confidence throughout the free fall. Your team will never forget this exhilarating experience!

If you are interested in taking the ultimate leap in overcoming fear, then please contact Bob for more details about this one-of-a-kind experience!