Bob Davies Live Coaching

Bob Davies' keynote presentations have helped audience members around the country identify the behavioral barriers that naturally inhibit personal growth and the strategies to overcome them. Although Bob is a proponent of constant learning his program stresses that the key to improved performance is not gaining new knowledge. The key is learning how to tap into the talent and ability that you already have. His Live Coaching program is designed to unlock your potential through one-on-one conversations that will enable you to attain your highest level of performance.

IMG_2775Live coaching based on Bob Davies' effective system is the most intensive and quickest way to gain measurable results. The Live Coaching program combines all of the benefits of his comprehensive system with focused, individualized attention. For $4,150 the first month and $2,500 for each following month, you will experience personal sessions with Bob Davies by telephone. After a two-hour intake session, one additional 60 minute call will occur in the first month. In the months that follow, you will continue to receive the benefits of personalized life coaching with two 45 minute sessions per month.

Live coaching focuses on three central pillars. First, you will learn to shift your perspective so that you are capable of gaining new insights. Second, you will challenge what you think is possible. Third, you will develop a system of accountability based on psychological principles to ensure that you recognize the opportunities to handle multiple priorities while maintaining your progress towards living a life that you love.



A study of 100 coached professionals found a 570% return on investment. Coaching improved productivity by 53%, quality of work by 48%, work relationships by 77%, and overall job satisfaction increased by 61%. These benefits are applicable across a range of jobs and industries, and through Live Coaching, you can take your life and your career to even greater heights.

To join the Live Coaching program, call 949-830-9192 to speak with Mr. Davies. He can answer any questions you have about Live Coaching and schedule the intake call for your personalized program. If you can't afford Bob Davies himself, associate coaches professionally trained by Mr. Davies are available for variable fees ranging from $400 to $1000 per month. Also, for just $19.95 a month, you can have access to Bob Davies' insight through an online behavioral contracting and accountability program.

Tony Ristaino, United Planners Financial Services


Bob has been my coach since 2002 approximately when I heard him speak at Canada Life's conference in Rome, Italy. Bob has helped me move my business from Court of the Table to Top of the Table level for the last number of years. Bob has also spoken at MDRT doing an afternoon session which was very well attended.

Approximately 5 years ago I brought Bob to Kingston to speak to a group of clients and business/ community associates and he was very well received.

Susan Creasy