Bob Davies has presented his keynotes to a diverse collection of audiences, and he is constantly accumulating followers from all levels of organizations. Influential leaders and motivated entrepreneurs have praised Mr. Davies' captivating personality and powerful message. The principles laid out in his keynotes highly-applicable to people in variety of roles, and below you will find a sample of testimonials from satisfied audience members who have taken advantage of his system.

Financial Testimonials

What a great job you did!!!
You have a unique ability to combine strong content with a sense of humor that keeps them smiling while they take pages of notes.

I had nothing but great feedback from your session and I appreciate everything you did to make our conference a success.

I am so glad you were our Tuesday Keynote speaker.

Salvatore M. Capizzi
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
Dunham & Associates Investment Counsel, Inc.

Good morning Bob!
I hope all is well. Thank you so much again for being a part of our meeting in Dallas. The attendee feedback was great, they loved you and your approach. It resonated very well with all the attendees.

This was one of our most important client meetings and it was critical that your program was relevant, well prepared and of course seen as valuable by our clients, you exceeded our expectations!

You are looking Forward to repeat performance at our next two locations. Feel free to use me as a reference for any other organizations.

Ben Haenning, Sr. Communications Coordinator- Life Marketing, Ohio National Financial Services


Thank for so very much for being a part of our annual Symposium meeting in Orlando on October 25th, 2012. The topic area covered in "The Sky is Not the Limit" was so compelling and your ability to communicate to the audience with such energy and expertise was remarkable. We were very happy to have you open the Symposium and in your ability to ignite enthusiasm and set the proper tone for the two day engagement. It was with great pleasure and gratitude to observe you providing out Advisor's with an experience, rather than simply a presentation of material... you had the audience laughing, nodding, and participating all the way through.

In closing, we are very happy with our decision to have you kick off the most significant event of our year. Thank you for making it such a huge success.

Justin M. Cole, MBA CFP Vice President of Business Development JW Cole Financial

Thank you for your participation in our Semi-Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas. The 2 hour training seminar was well received by our membership. Your presentation was captivating and motivating. I have received numerous comments from our group about your presentation and the welcome addition of a motivational guest speaker.

As a result of the positive feedback we will be engaging you once again for our fall Semi-Annual meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona. We will look forward to another interesting training seminar and presentation from High Performance Training, Inc.

Jean Yerrington Executive Director National Brokerage Agencies, Inc.

Bob has been my coach since 2002 approximately when I heard him speak at Canada Life's conference in Rome, Italy. Bob has helped me move my business from Court of the Table to Top of the Table level for the last number of years.
Bob has also spoken at MDRT doing an afternoon session which was very well attended.

Approximately 5 years ago I brought Bob to Kingston to speak to a group of clients and business/ community associates and he was very well received.

Susan Creasy

After hearing you speak at the President's Council meeting in Santa Barbara I know that you had a message that my agents needed to hear. The half day program that you delivered was extremely well received and you certainly exceeded my expectations.

I've heard many comments about how you "knew" our industry, our company and our challenge and how your program was "relevant" to our needs. Believe me when I tell you that I appreciate the time you took to research our needs and challenges.

What also impressed me was how easy you were to work with. Your flexibility on several fronts was greatly appreciated.

One of your biggest advantages, at least in my opinion, is that you really are committed to as you say, "go beyond entertainment into impact". That fact that you have made follow up calls and that you have invited my grants to attend your ongoing monthly telephone conference coaching calls for free is truly evidence of your commitment.

We are tracking our agent's performance, activities and results. It is already evident that our activities and sales have increased as a result of your program. I'll keep you posted on more specific results as they come in.

I am looking forward talking with you again the future. Please don't hesitate to have anyone call me for a reference. If any organization has individuals who could use some help maintaining a focused mindset and a positive attitude, they should bring you in. If their team is compensated based on results, it's even more compelling!

Great job, and thanks fort all that you do.

Naji Garabet District Manager and Registered Principal Farmers Insurance Group

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Real Estate & Mortgage Testimonials

I had great positive feedback on your presentation. The branches enjoyed the variety and commented on your extensive knowledge of the mortgage industry. They enjoyed your speed talk with all the mortgage terminology.

Kathy Hodge Allied Home Mortgage

If there is one common theme that stands in the way of achieving any specific result, it is your accountability or commitment to whatever your trying to achieve....be it more business, more money, losing weight, getting in shape - whatever! If you have no consequence or set no consequence for yourself for not getting what your trying to achieve, then more times than not, you will make every excuse to justify the failure....so much that you may even convince yourself it isn't a failure at all. No matter what training you participate in - if you are not held accountable, within days you are more likely to revert back to the "same-old-same-old" routine, thus making the excuse to yourself....."that program wasn't all that great after all." Sadly, all you're doing is lying to yourself because excuses are nothing but lies to yourself! The truth of the matter, you never created a consequence for not applying what you recently learned and allow yourself to maintain
a higher level or standard of performance. What Bob Davies teaches is exactly that.....his Behavioral Contracting forces you to stay on point - and if you don't, you have a consequence. Without consequences you will continually make excuses for not reaching your pinnacle of success. He teaches you how to make the consequence of not achieving
the task greater than the task itself. If you are willing to make the commitment and stay the course, I assure you that after just a few hours with Bob - you will start to understand how to hit your targets and accomplish your goals in record time. We teach our children, if they do something wrong there will be a consequence.....and they either learn that lesson quickly or constantly live with the consequence of their actions. As adults - we're left all alone to make our place in the world, but without someone holding us accountable like the parent/child situation, we make the road to success much more difficult than need be. Spend the day with Bob and you will start to see how this can change for you! It has already made a huge difference in my life!

Paul Bondy President and CEO EXIT Realty Pennsylvania

If you truly wish to make a dramatic leap in your life, whether personal, professional or both, Bob Davies certainly can help you understand what has held you back and just how you can achieve the goals you set...

Dennis Curtain Regional Director RE/MAX

The feedback we received on evaluations by attendees on your presentation topics were outstanding with comments that included excellent, great, fantastic!

Lili Paulk Virginia Association of Realtors

What can I say? You were a bulls eye for our audience. We will definitely bring you back!

Steve Baugher Virginia Association of Mortgage Brokers

It was exceptional!

Thomas Wissel PMBA Ohio

I want to take a moment and thank you for the time you spent at ERA Muske Company. Our entire staff has been energized by your training session.

I have trained with many of the top real estate trainers in the country, and in all honestly, they do NOT hold a candle to you. Your training transcends the real estate business into every area of life.  Your training is by far the best bargain out there today.

We look forward to attending your "Break Out" sessions at The International Business Conference in Orlando. Again, many thanks and if there is ever anything we can do for you, please don't hesitate to let us know.

P.S. ERA knows, regardless of market conditions, with ob Davies High Performance Training, truly the sky is not t he limit.

Adam Artz Training Manager ERA Muske Company

This email was received by Mr. Davies from ERA on 8/2/07 and is indicative of the
frequency of "encore performance" requests that Bob gets on a regular basis.

As a result of your successful evaluations at the 07 ERA Business Conference, I would like to extend you an invitation to speak again next year based on availability and fee schedule. My preference would be for you to speak on either the 27th or 28th conducting two or three 75 min session on the same day.

I look forward to hearing from you. BTW... I promise to make a special effort this year to get to meet you in person. Dave speaks very highly of you.

Melody Bohrer Vice President, Education and Development ERA

Our hats off to you! You WOWED the Arizona Association of Mortgage Brokers with your outstanding presentation.

It is evident that you love what you do and it shows in your evaluations. Thank you for making us all look like stars!

May 4, 2006

Instructor's Knowledge of Topic: 5.00
Effectiveness Delivering Message: 4.78
Overall Consideration of This Session: 5.00
Ratings based on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest.

Best Feature of This Session:

  • Presentation was new and interesting

  • Clarity presented between pain and comfort and on-time start and stop

  • Behavior of myself

  • Davies' approach and presentation were effective, knowledgeable and well presented

  • Enthusiasm

  • Great! Extremely motivational for ALL aspects of life!

  • I wouldn't change a thing

  • His humor

Additional Topics Suggested:

  • None

Heidi Mortgage Marketplace Education & Expo

Let me start by saying Bob Davies is nothing short of amazing.  I employed him as a business coach for six or eight months sometime in 2001 and it made a massive change in my organization and me.  I also had Bob do a seminar in 2003 for my 40 top sales people and my managers, which was OUTSTANDING, and it pushed my sales to over $40 million in 03.  I most recently had an executive retreat in southern California in January 2005 for all of my senior executives and once again he truly impressed me and my
organization!!!  Bob Davies is off the charts.

Vance Luedtke CEO World Wide Savers

The overall summary rating for "I would recommend this speaker to be invited  to future events' was 96.9%. The highest ever!

Melody Bohrer ERA International Convention

I have trained with many of the top real estate trainers in the country, and in all honesty, they do NOT hold a candle to you. Your training transcends the real estate business into every area of life. Your training is by far the best bargain out there today.

Adam Artz, Training Manager, ERA Muske Company

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Franchise Testimonials

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your participation in our recent franchisee convention. I am very grateful to you for taking the time to prepare and to deliver such a great session.

The franchisee feedback on the session have been very positive and your participation obviously helped to make this convention an overwhelming success.

Ken Moran Vice President of Operation Rita's Water Ice

was held this year in Jacksonville, Florida. As a franchising organization we recognize the need for our Franchisees to set realistic and attainable goals in their organizations. Bob's speech delivered a powerful message in an inspirational and meaningful way - set realistic goals and be accountable for them.

The feedback we received on Bob's presentation within our conference surveys was very positive and we anticipate that Bob's message will continue to pay off for our Franchisees ongoing. See below some of the comments we received.

"This guy needs to come back again!! Very motivational/relevant"
"Inspiring and entertaining - 2 days later "food for thought" remains. Great job!"
"Great info - get people to think as leaders"

In addition, we would like to thank Bob for his efforts in facilitating a goal setting workshop that also had fantastic reviews. Our Franchisees found Bob's workshop to be both entertaining and engaging. We believe that a large degree of this success is due to Bob's communication skills and his dedication to understand more about our Franchisees and our organization as a whole.

I would highly recommend Bob for any organization that wants to create a meaningful experience and outcome for its audience.

Kimberly Baker Manager of Training and Development Pillar To Post

I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you how much your keynote presentation added to our annual conference earlier this ear.

In conferences past, we've had motivational speakers, business experts and athletic coaches as our keynote speakers. While these sessions gave our franchisees and staff valuable information, and everyone left on a positive high, the effects were short-lived.

Your session was the only presentation I have experienced to date that gave our attendees a truly life-changing and long-term formula for success. Many franchisees and staff commented on the power they now have in following through with a priority item or action step. The self-imposed motivation and lesson of your "mini-bar" had a great impact on us and our approach to business.

Doug DeLor Vice President of Marketing RFC Franchising, LLC

Bob was a pleasure to work with from the moment we reached out to him for our event. He is accountable, detail-oriented and thorough which allowed us to have very clear expectations regarding working with him.

Further, our group thoroughly enjoyed his presentation; the feedback we received on The 1.2% Solution was overwhelmingly positive! Some of the comments participants shared were "dynamic," "thought-provoking," "informative," and "motivating." We definitely recommend Bob as a keynote speaker.

Have a great weekend,
PS: Below are some of the recurring comments we received in our evaluations.
. Visuals/ Videos
. Humor
. Reminding me that I have the control
. Reinforced me being bigger competition
. Reinforcement of forces
. made me rethink my approach to achieve my goals
. Perception demos: made me realize that there are brain road blocks in my head
. Reality of own obstacles
. Defined my reluctance- encouraging me to change
. Dynamic / Engaging
. Thought provoking
. Audience participation/ Interaction
. Good dissection
. How Bob personalized the session

Michelle Koester, Director, Organizational Learning

Your session was the only presentation I have experienced to date that gave our  attendees a truly life-changing and long-term formula for success.

Doug DeLor, Vice President of Marketing, RFC Franchising, LLC

International Franchise Testimonial

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Staffing and Recruiting Testimonials

Select Remedy has contracted Bob Davies on several occasions to deliver his elite performance principle message to our staff colleagues. Bob's message of accountability and behavioral contracting aligns perfectly with the Select Remedy management philosophy and our organizational culture. Less than two years ago Select Remedy implemented many of the principles learned in Bob's training into our weekly reporting and accounting structure. Since that time we have enjoyed 53% efficiency gains and 30% - 40% year-over-year increases in the average production of our recruiting staff. Our sales team were averaging $3,500 per person per week prior to Bob's program. After the implementation of his accountability system the numbers grew to over $7,000 per person per week. Spread out over 160 sales people this is more than a two million dollar per month increase-a great return on our investment in Bob Davies.

Bob's entertaining and action inspiring presentations combined with our consistent execution of the principles he delivers have produced fantastic results for our organization. I encourage any company interested in increasing productivity and performance to learn and practice Bob's message.

Mark McComb Vice President of Branch Operations Select Remedy Staffing

I have known Bob since 1999 and my company has brought him in to talk to our key leadership members on several different occasions. The most recent was March, 2012, where he provided an in-depth program for our Regional Vice Presidents and Corporate Managers. He also conducted a kick-off session for our annual awards program the next day.

I highly recommend Coach Davies for any company or association who has tried all of the so-called motivational speakers for their programs and is looking for someone who is high-impact and can do more than just entertain people. Coach Davies gets results!

I would particularly recommend him to other staffing firms or organizations that provide support or resources to the staffing industry. He is highly knowledgeable of our industry and knows what the key drivers are that will allow people to make dramatic changes in their performance in a relatively short period of time.

Coach Davies is very busy, so call or email him now - don't wait!

Jay W. Mattern Chief Operating Officer People Link Staffing

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Building and Construction Testimonials

After exhaustive research and multiple interviews with potential guest speakers, we hired Bob Davies to speak at our annual company meeting in February 2009. As a construction firm, we have a wide ranging audience from field personnel to back-office staff to executive management, so the challenge was to identify a speaker that could connect with all levels of the organization.

Mr. Davies spent time with us up front to customize his presentation and was extremely well prepared. He brought a high level of energy combined with humor and, most importantly, was able to relay relevant and impactful content.

Our Executive Management team was very pleased with Bob's performance and we would definitely hire him again to speak to our organization.

Lee Myhre Marketing Directior Top Grade Construction

I'd like to thank you for taking time to be one of our speakers at the 2006 ASA Business Forum and Convention. From all reports it was a tremendous success. One of the major contributing factors, according to the attendees, was the quality of the workshops and presentations.

In reviewing the evaluations, participants responded to your presentation, The Secret Code of the Elite - Revealed! by giving it a rating of 4.7 on a scale of 1-5 with 5 the highest. The written comments that were included on the evaluations stated your presentation was, "Excellent! fun/educational; very informative. I will follow through with a commitment to improve; great; It inspired me!; Great-motivational & educational; excellent topic". Everyone agreed they would be able to apply what they learned from your presentation.

It was a pleasure having you participate in the 2006 Business Forum and Convention and I look forward to working with you on future ASA programs and projects.

Mike Stark weather Office/Meetings Manager ASA

We are just thrilled with Bob Davies and the results of his ongoing program. Bob presented an in-depth four-hour program keynote at our Power Clean 2007 and has followed that up with the monthly CD, coach's corner and conference call coaching that we have called CETA University. Bob will be coming back for another four-hour program for Power Clean 2008 in October.

Bob is very deserving of the most awesome reference and recommendation a person can write. He has definitely exceeded expectations and delivered more then we ever expected.

Gary Clark II Board Member Clean Equipment Trade Association

AGC of Iowa had the distinct pleasure of hearing Bob Davies' presentation on "The Behavioral Approach to a Culture of Safety" during our Annual Convention in January 2010. Bob's unique way of reaching the group and making them think outside the box was amazing. Not only did he show us how our thought processes impact what we pay attention to he taught the group how to use human accountability to implement the best safety practices. Bob showed the group that the more we become familiar with behaviors the better it will be to implement practices and policies to promote good behavior.

We were impressed with the way Bob took the time to visit with us upfront to adapt his unique program to relate it to safety behavior in our industry.

Becky Bales Director of Education AGC of Iowa

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Direct Sales Testimonials

I met Bob Davies at a MLMIA (Multi-Level Marketers International Association) event a few years ago. He was a guest speaker. I was so impressed by both the message he delivered and the unbridled energy he delivered it with, that I hired him as my personal performance coach. His fees for personal coaching are $1500.00 per month. In the first 12 months with Bob as my coach, I can directly attribute $65,000 in additional income that year to my heightened performance as the result of his coaching. Since that time, with an entirely different mind set towards my life and my work, the impact of that year has simply become immeasurable. For me, Bob's coaching has delivered the greatest return I have ever received from any investment.

When I learned that Bob was introducing an online coaching program that followed the exact same format and principles, I was excited. When I found out it was affordable for everyone, I had to ask him to introduce it here on [my MLM Success Tips] newsletter. I believe Bob's online coaching system will change more lives for the better than any other single tool available anywhere. Before you invest in another tape, book or training program, read this article. $19.95 per month can change your entire world forever!

Greg Arnold Direct Sales

You spoke to a seasoned audience that has heard plenty of tips about time management, goal setting, and how to be more successful.  What you provided was clearly another level beyond that!  I can tell you that we will be bringing you back - 100% for sure!

Ken Woods, eFinity VP

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