Mission Statement

I am an author, keynote speaker, trainer and coach.  I teach motivated individuals how to form new habits and embrace accountability so that they can stay motivated and purpose-driven regardless of their changing circumstances and constantly-competing priorities. This results in a renewed vitality and exceptional results in their health, business and personal lives.


The traditional model of business is based around a flawed principle: The purpose of being in business is to make money. American culture and the capitalist economy upon which it is built has been fixated on this idea and has long been unwilling to consider any alternative. I have built my system around a radically different idea: The purpose of being in business is to grow people.  If individuals improve their lives because of their association with you, then the finances will take care of themselves.

How do you grow people? It is vital to surround yourself with individuals who are dedicated to the notion of self-improvement. You want to be around people who are excited and passionate about becoming better human beings.  The first step is to instill an operational code. The purposes of Bob's presentations are to give you a user's manual to grow people. Bob knows what it takes to break free of your perceived natural limitations in order to experience growth.  After all, you are perfectly genetically coded to thrive and prosper in a world that no longer exists.  Bob's keynotes present a methodology for the process by laying a foundation of his four core principles:

  • Living With Integrity - I do what I say I will do.
  • The Interdependence of Synergy - I'm far better off as part of a team than can be by myself.
  • Accountability - I am the source of all that I experience versus going victim and blaming others.
  • Service- I am of service to others. I get by giving.

Perhaps the most important point to keep in mind is that the human development that Bob prescribes in his program and higher profits your company aims for are not competing ideas. Growing people means growing profits. By taking a radically different position on the purpose of operating a business and focusing on growing people, individuals will become more confident and capable, and in turn, far more productive.

Bob's keynotes take the idea of growing people and helping your audience discover ways to apply his lessons to their work and personal lives. Bob constantly reminds his audiences of one very powerful fact:  You have far more capacity to create the circumstances and events in your life than you are aware of.  Through engaging conversations, audience participation, and a powerful blend of humor and sincerity, Bob's presentation style is designed to be accessible and memorable. The length of his keynotes are scalable, and content is customizable so that Bob can directly address your organization's needs.