Keynote IV – Behavioral Economics – Understanding Why Your Clients Take On the Mind of the Market and What to do About It

We all learn to respond to authority and fear – it’s built into our society!  In fact, we go out of our way, and defy our morality, to show obedience to authority figures.  In this fascinating keynote presentation, Bob Davies shows his audience how fear and a group-think mentality affects the market, and how to increase results by learning to recognize and avoid conformity.

The audience will discover that human beings are genetically coded to avoid loss rather than seek gain, and how this mindset carries over into our buying decisions.  They will learn how a dollar lost in the stock market is more painful than the joy of a dollar gained and the steps they can take to eliminate this thought-process in themselves and others.  Using humorous examples and scientific studies, Bob breaks down the principles behind behavioral economics, and helps his audience understand why their clients take on the mind of the market, and the steps they can take to reduce fear and a group-think mentality, and start making money.

Bob will teach his audiences the best practices utilized by the country’s top industry professionals and elite performers to help them improve sales regardless of the economic climate!  No matter your industry, Bob will help you understand the keys to improving performance and results in your field.  Call his office now to book Bob Davies for your event!

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