Bob Davies on Thoughts are Real-Levels of Consciousness


Thoughts are real. Motivate yourself by being careful of your thoughts.

One of the most embarrassing memories from my childhood was when my mother took us into Valentino’s corner store and literally begged for extended credit so we could have something to eat that night. The embarrassing part about it was that I was the captain of the high school football team and Valentino’s son was our offensive tackle!

Poverty and embarrassment stayed with me throughout high school, into college, through my first teaching and coaching job, through graduate school and all the way up to my first year as a college football coach.

After graduating college I was hired as a teacher and coach at a high school in New Jersey. I wasn’t in poverty. However, I hadn’t changed my mindset, or my thoughts about myself. I still had a poverty self image. After two years manifestation took hold and I resigned teaching and went to graduate school. This is a positive move. I’m getting my masters degree. I’m coaching on the college level. And I’m back into alignment with my thoughts, back into poverty, earning $2,000 a year as a graduate assistant coach!

After two years I graduated and was hired as a head football coach at California Institute of Technology. I’m not in poverty any longer. Again, I’m not in alignment with my thoughts. I resign after one year and join the staff at Cal State Fullerton as a restricted earnings coach making $5,000 my first year. Now I’m in alignment with my thoughts and image of myself as living in and owning poverty.

Sometimes it takes a significant event for a person to shift out of a particular mindset. I had this happen. I was living for free with our team doctor in beautiful Newport Beach, Ca. I was driving a new Honda loaned to the staff by a booster. I was shopping for groceries at the local store when it happened. I gave the check stand cashier food stamps and she didn’t know how to use them. She got on the loud speaker and declared “food stamps on check stand 5” or something to that effect.

I had a transition from extremely embarrassed to extremely mad! That was it. I had enough of poverty. I didn’t know how I was going to do it but I was through with poverty! I had made a decision!

There is a well known formula of success that states intentions plus methods equals results. I say, edit out the methods and that leaves you with intentions equals results. The methods will reveal themselves to you once you have made a decision.

Sure enough, this new internal vibration of thought, abundance, started to take hold in my brain. New dendrites and connections were beginning to develop and old patterns of need, want and poverty were starting to atrophy, known as synaptic pruning.

Then reality adjusted to align with my new paradigm. A coach leaves to take a job at the University of Hawaii and I get the full time paid position. I managed to hold on to this mindset and manifestation gained momentum.

I had the intention, passion and motivation to be the best that I could be. This led to my resigning coaching football in 1983 to start my own business as a performance excellence speaker, trainer and coach.

I had locked into the thoughts of abundance. Dr. Raymond Barker has explained in his book, The Science of Successful Living:[1]

“God wants you to be what you want to be. In your quiet thinking select your future, accept it as normal for you, and then expect it to happen. Give thanks that the ways and means to bring it to pass are already in action.”

You must mentally accept in the present what you want to literally happen in the future. Picturing it with powerful thoughts transforms the possibilities into reality.

Einstein declared with his famous equation that energy and mass are two different states of the same thing, like ice and water. I will turn the thoughts that I dominate my mind with, fueled by action, into reality. This is an absolute certainty and a scientific law.

Dr. William Tiller did three interesting thought experiments.[2] He wanted to see what affect the power of focused thought, intentions, would have on measurable circumstances.

He had experimenters concentrate on raising the PH of a container of water by 1.0 PH which I’m told is significant. Second, the intention was to increase the thermodynamic activity of an enzyme in the liver. Third, the intention was to influence a living system, fruit fly larvae, to increase the ADP to ATP ratio which would result in the reduction of larvae development time.

All three experiments involved highly focused thought projections from the experimenters who were all trained in meditation.

The results were achieved exactly as intended in all three experiments.[3] They were statistically significant. Your thoughts can and do influence things outside of you. This very statement is an illusion because being separate is only an illusion, although a persistent one. There is no outside of you. We are all interconnected through vibrating energy.

Dr. David Hawkins developed what he calls the Scale of Consciousness.[4] He talks about all things being energy in different states of vibrations. Your thinking is energy in a variety of vibrating states. He gives a scale with the range of 20, shame, to 700 plus which is enlightenment. This range of energy vibrations includes guilt, 30, apathy, 50, fear, 100, anger, 150, love, 500, joy, 540, peace, 600 and enlightenment at 700 plus up to 1000.

If you have problems the sole reason you are where you are is because you are vibrating at the average human level of 207 on a scale that reaches 1000. You do not have to reach 1000 to reap benefits. All you need to do is raise your vibration to the level love or above, which is 500. At 500 and above, love, joy and abundance are easily within your reach. Once you start vibrating at this level you will virtually be a magnet for the things you truly want.

At the smallest level, quantum mechanics has discovered that atoms are in fact composed of packets of energy, of vibrating particles. All matter is simply vibrating atoms. Everything is interconnected. You can decide to change your thoughts, your energy vibrations and this will change the frequency that you operate on, like a car radio, thus enabling the laws of attraction to combine with purposeful actions and bring you the results that you want. You will always be in alignment with your thought vibrations.

You can control this. Herbert Bensen[5] was one of the early pioneers to discover that people can have control over their body that they previously thought to be impossible. Studies show that people who meditate can decrease metabolic rate, lower their heart rate, reduce levels of stress hormones such as cortisol. Meditation reduces high blood pressure and slows down the aging process of the brain. All of this is related to your intention to influence the use of your thinking.

Once I stopped giving my power away, once I took full responsibility for my results in life and stopped going victim and blaming others, I realized that I could invent the life I wanted. It’s all about the nature of the thoughts I allow myself to have.

Notice your thinking. Understand that your thoughts have consequences and will manifest, it’s a scientific law. Be careful with the thoughts that you have and be the guardian of your reality. Reality is in the mind of the observer. Observe wisely.

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