Keynote III – It’s All Attitude

The user manual for the human brain is finally here, and no one is more qualified to present it to your audience than Bob Davies!

In this exciting program, Bob explores the sequence of events that leads to success, and how to influence their own perceptions in order to instantly change how they feel, and what they do.

Bob simplifies complex scientific concepts to show his audience how stress and frustration create barriers that hold people back from accomplishing their goals.  By eliminating these factors – and by adopting a system of altered perception – the audience will learn that they are the source of all that they experience.  As humans, we have a natural tendency to hold onto negative emotions, which Bob has defined as the 3 R’s:

  • Resistance
  • Resentment
  • Revenge

These obstacles keep people from tapping into their true potential, which limits their ability to succeed personally and professionally.  Once the audience understands these principles, Bob will teach them how to rewire their brains for success.  Through this exciting presentation, the audience will learn the following to help them reach their goals:

  • How and why to have a “here and now” orientation
  • Why they should change the story that they tell themselves about their experiences, and how they can change it
  • How to turn frustration into fascination

Very few motivational speakers are teaching these powerful lifetime skills, even though everyone should know them.  By eliminating these obstacles and becoming personally accountable for their own experiences and perceptions, the audience will have the principles needed to access their peak levels of performance, and the actionable steps to achieve the personal and professional results they’ve always dreamed of.  This keynote results in peace of mind as the audience learns how to define their own perceptions.

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