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I met Bob Davies at a MLMIA (Multi-Level Marketers International Association) event a few years ago. He was a guest speaker. I was so impressed by both the message he delivered and the unbridled energy he delivered it with, that I hired him as my personal performance coach. His fees for personal coaching are $1500.00 per month. In the first 12 months with Bob as my coach, I can directly attribute $65,000 in additional income that year to my heightened performance as the result of his coaching. Since that time, with an entirely different mind set towards my life and my work, the impact of that year has simply become immeasurable. For me, Bob’s coaching has delivered the greatest return I have ever received from any investment.

When I learned that Bob was introducing an online coaching program that followed the exact same format and principles, I was excited. When I found out it was affordable for everyone, I had to ask him to introduce it here on [my MLM Success Tips] newsletter. I believe Bob’s online coaching system will change more lives for the better than any other single tool available anywhere. Before you invest in another tape, book or training program, read this article. $19.95 per month can change your entire world forever!

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Greg ArnoldDirect Sales

You spoke to a seasoned audience that has heard plenty of tips about time management, goal setting, and how to be more successful.  What you provided was clearly another level beyond that!  I can tell you that we will be bringing you back – 100% for sure!

Ken Woods, eFinity VP
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