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From: Ade Adebisi []
Subject: RE: Terrific Presentation

Hello Bob,

The holidays arrived quickly after our meeting, but I remember that I owe you testimonials. The collective observation of our group is that your presentation and materials served as the perfect take off point for the remainder of the company meeting. Your presentation contributed to the overall success of our company event. Over the two days of our meeting following your presentation, we all kept recalling and discussing the importance of taking control and to stop making excuses. Your presentation was definitely impactful, delivered with equal portions of humor, energy and facts. The success of your program is in no small part based on the fact that you took the time to learn about our company and employees ahead of time in order to develop a program that is unique to us. By so doing, you addressed things that were familiar and important to the group. Excellent work. Thanks.


Ade Adebisi
Ascellon Corporation
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I was a little skeptical of today’s event but Bob had me hooked with his first statements. He talked about watching a recording in one room and moving to another room and wanting to pick up where he left off which showed an understanding of our business. Then he admitted that while he researched our company a bit, he didn’t know our personal circumstances but was gonna give us some info that has the potential to help us. What a great speaker! In two sentences I know he’s knowledgeable enough to help and not so cocky as to think he has all the answers. Lots of good stuff in that 2 hours! Thanks for putting this together!



We found Bob while looking for a speaker for the closing session of our national business development conference. We needed to send our team away energized to go after some stretched growth targets.

We researched speakers and selected Bob because from his videos and the initial interviews with us, he seemed to have the right background, message and energy level. He customized his talk to resonate with our audience and this and the message was well received by the group, including the CEO. Despite some challenges with the weather in the northeast during the conference he made it on time and finished on time to close out a very successful conference.

I would recommend Bob if you are looking to reinforce changed behavior in your group.

Bill Davis
Vice President of Corporate Development
Aqua America, Inc.

Bill Davis

We hired Bob Davies as a motivational speaker for our sales team. Bob delivered an entertaining presentation to help us focus on perceptions, to be a better sales team. He’s a dynamic and fun speaker, with a scientific twist.

Many in the audience commented on how practical and useful his information was and how his concept of behavioral contracting could help them to take the actions that they have been avoiding.

We were particularly impressed with Bob’s knowledge of our industry, our daily challenges and the effort he made to be relevant to those challenges.

AmeriFirst Home Mortgage is proud to recommend Bob Davies.

Dan Moyle

I watched Bob Davies make a one-hour presentation at the Global Net Diamond Symposium. As a scientist and science writer, I was absolutely astonished to see and hear Bob Davies again and again explain profound scientific concepts and conclusions to a non-technical audience of a thousand men and women who did not even know that they were learning science! No equations, no complex technological terminology, just plain English delivered with passion and polish. This man knows deep truths – but more importantly – helps people learn them. And they find it easy!

Jonathan Vos PostPh.D. CalTech 1977, Co-Author with Nobel Laureate Richard Feinman

“It was great! I took two people who are hourly and have very little background in what Mr Davies talked about, they both walked out excited about what they learned and ready to put it to work.”

“I hope Bob will be invited back to the Boeing Company to speak. I found his presentation to be very insightful, helpful and fail proof, if one will put those tools and techniques to work for them to reach their goals!”

“I will use this information to work better with my team, Provide them with the learning tools in the book 1.2% factor. We will share in crew meetings. This should help each team member to understand how we can communicate better.”

Attendees at a Boeing Event

WOW – Great job, and the feedback we are getting is GREAT.
Yes, I would love to work with you again. What topics can you cover?
Let me know, I am in the process of setting up the series for next year, so
your timing is perfect!!

Thank you for making the slides work, it all worked out so well!

Thank you!

Michelle L Zant, PH.DEducation Marketing Manager (ECS)Arrow Electronics

Thank you for the sensational presentation to the Gambro BCT North America Field Sales organization on February 1, 2008. I heard many great comments after your session and in particular, the audience appreciated the way you weaved our industry’s business language and phraseology into the session to make the presentation more relevant and impactful. The concepts you spoke to were also meaningful to our business practices and I had several people tell me afterwards they would take your advice, to practice both at home and in the workplace, to raise their focus to achieve greater success professionally and greater satisfaction personally.

All that prep-work you did and the calls we had in advance really came through during the

Bob SullivanDirector, North American SalesGambro BCT, new Caridian BCT

My sales team really enjoyed your presentation at our National Sales Meeting this week in Montebello. I spoke to several of them to solicit their thoughts on your presentation and the responses were all very positive. I believe you got our team thinking about ways that they can improve the way they approach both their personal lives and their business activity. You made the material very relevant by customizing the detail to our industry which kept the group very much engaged in the presentation.

From talking with the group, I think your approach and your energy inspired several of them to start down the path to changing the way they approach their daily activities which will hopefully lock in some habits that will help us as a company. Your practical and research based recommendations have had an immediate impact on our group and we are on our way to following your suggestions for long term implementation.

Thank you for staying right on schedule with the allotted time we had. It was well worth the time and I look forward to reading your books for further inspiration.

Thanks again Bob for helping to make our meeting a success!

Steve BradleyCorporate VP of SalesWilbur Curtis Company

I have seen the results that people have when they work with Bob Davies. Really, nothing short of amazing! This man is a behavior expert!

Steve Mariucci, former NFL Head Football Coach, San Francisco, Detroit

My name is Pinkey Sullivan and I am with Kaiser Permanente in the Colorado Region. We just finished an incredible event with Bob Davies. We hired Bob to speak to our brokers who are in the top 5% of sales. This event was amazingly wonderful.

Bob spoke to us about performance and about how we get in our own way of achieving our goals. If you have not heard him talk, it is a must for any performers that you have in any industry and any category.

We wanted to bring in a speaker who was unique and could create a special experience for our audience and Bob did that and more. He exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend Bob Davies as your speaker.

Pinkey A. SullivanMAOMKaiser Permanente2530 S. Parker Rd., Suite 600 Aurora, CO 80014

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