Keynote II – The Manager as a Coach

After graduating from Rutgers University, Mr. Davies used his passion for athletics and motivation to coach high school football for two years.  His expertise earned him a position as the head football and wrestling coach as the California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech), and later as an assistant coach of the California State University Fullerton (CSUF) football team. By utilizing the research of Nobel-Prize winning Neuropsychologist Roger Sperry, Mr. Davies crafted a coaching method that would later help lead his team to two conference championships.

Initially, Bob was confused as to why his presentations were so new for his audiences.  People from all experience levels responded to Bob’s programs as if they were new and unique information.  It was then that Bob came to a realization:  Of all the football coaches and scientists who were part of this research, Bob was the only speaker.  Although the colleagues who helped develop this process have gone on to achieve great success in their fields, Bob is the only one who has taken his scientifically-based information to the public.

His “Manager As a Coach” keynote describes coaching as a relationship that fosters discovery, self-learning, and accountability.  Although this is a stand alone program, it builds on the information and lessons learned in Keynote 1: “The 1.2% Factor”.  Bob teaches his audience to use their newly discovered skills to become effective leaders and coaches.  Bob engages with the audience and shows them how to ask effective, powerful questions that reveal previously untapped insights and capabilities.

Mr. Davies will also give the audience three specific coaching skills that will instantly and dramatically improve their ability to have an impact in coaching themselves and other people.  This unique and innovative approach is unlike anything even the most experienced coach, manager or salesperson has ever seen.  After a 30-minute intensive lecture and a 60-minute engaging interactive session, Bob’s audience will leave the event with the expert competency of a seasoned coach, allowing them to lead themselves, and others, toward achieving their goals.

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