Aging Backwards

Aging Backwards. How to Live Counter Clockwise! 

The second law of thermodynamics, the study of energy, is that entropy always increases. This means that a system will always move in the direction of disorder. A new deck of cards has all of the cards lined up by suit and in order. As you shuffle the deck they will always move to a state of disorder. They will never perfectly align themselves no matter how many times you shuffle.

The natural state is towards disorder. Our house cleaner cleans my son and daughters room on a Friday. By Saturday you can’t tell that the rooms had ever been cleaned. The natural state is towards disorder.

There is also an arrow of time. This arrow is of events. You can remember the past but you can never remember the future. A hot cup of coffee left on a table never gets hotter. A broken egg never un breaks.

Add to this the fact that there is no perfect system. Although energy is neither created nor destroyed there is no such thing as a perfect system. The next time you drive your car feel how hot the hood is. That’s the engine losing energy to the environment.

What does all of this have to do with aging backwards? It means that you and I will get older, period. The arrow of chronological time will march on and every 365 days we will be one year older. Not only that but as time goes by the more change there is to the shape of the pineal gland in the brain which gives us our sense of time. Time seems to speed by faster and faster the older we get. Einstein was right that time is relative and it’s not the same for everyone.

However, our bodies and our minds do not have to keep pace with our chronological arrows of time. You can have an 80 year old chronological age and have the brain and body of a 50 year old.

This may seem to defy the laws of nature. It doesn’t. Although the deck of cards will never be shuffled to order again you can add an input of energy into the system and physically find all of the aces, kings, jacks, etc and put them all together again. You can stop entropy at least temporarily reset it by adding energy inputs into the system.

Yes, my kids can clean their room by adding an energy input and picking everything up. It will return to that state as long as they consistently add that energy input.

So can you and I reverse aging? The answer is no, but we can significantly slow it down.

My mother died at age 54 from complications from diabetes. It is very likely that I have a genetic disposition to diabetes as well. However, my DNA does not dictate the quality of my life. It is my attitude and my behavioral choices that dictate this. This is referred to as epigenetics. I may be predisposed to having diabetes but those genes may never get turned on to express themselves if I have a certain lifestyle. Yes our genetic expression is subject to our behavioral choices.

This brings to light a few of my coaching commandments;

  1. My lifestyle is an asset, not a liability.
  2. What I can control-I must control.
  3. Health is my number one value.

So this is how to live counter clockwise slow down aging. First, create a lifestyle routine. I teach people to wake up early and read a behavioral or motivational concept. Next would be to meditate 5-10 minutes every day. Follow that up with 4-5 days of exercise. Then add to the mix your purpose and an absolute passion about your life. The way to fuel that passion is with precise weekly preparation with accountability for the execution of your plan.

The last piece of the puzzle may be the biggest. Avoid flour and sugar. Look at the ingredients on the food labels. If any form of flour or sugar is in the first 5 ingredients do not eat that, its poison.

So again, here are the steps to living counter clockwise.

  1. Wake up early and read something motivational.
  2. Meditate for 5-10 minutes every day.
  3. Exercise 4-5 times per week. Use a high intensity interval training program at least 3 of those times.
  4. Use behavioral contracting for accountability and precisely plan every week.
  5. Absolutely, no matter what, avoid flour and sugar.

I live this as well as teach it. In fact I wrote a book about it called Davies Day Book, 365 Concepts for Excellence, and it became an international best seller on Amazon.

I can say that I’ve turned the clock back. I weigh less now then I did in high school. I am full of passion and excitement about the present and the future. Life if exciting and challenging. Yes I have arthritis in my knees and right shoulder, yes my body is not the same as it was 10 years ago, but I have significantly slowed down aging and you can do it too! Now you know how.







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