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It’s a chilled October day at the stadium and it’s perfect for this rivalry game. The home team is trailing 7-3 and there’s three seconds left in the game. They have the ball on the two yard line and it’s 4th and goal. This is the last play of the game. If the defense succeeds at their goal line stand they will win. If the offense can punch it in then they will win. This is it, last play, winner take all.

The reticular activating system of the brain is on fire. It is sending signals to flood the basal ganglia and the limbic area of the brain and generates a “flight or fight” physiology. Nor-epinephrine is released and the pupils are dilated to improve vision. The heart pumps faster, increasing blood pressure to accelerate the delivery of oxygen. Breathing increases as the lungs take in more oxygen. The sweat glands are working to cool the body. The adrenal glands secrete cortisone, blood moves from the extremities to your major muscle groups, digestion stops, you are ready to go. There is a narrow focus of attention as each member of the each team will have maximum effort or best effort on this last play.

This is the goal line stand. Best effort from everyone. Why doesn’t each player on each team put forth this type of effort on every play? Is this possible? The answer is yes. It just takes a certain type of brain input to generate the goal line stand physiology and effort. If you can do it once, you can do it every play. It takes focus.

Let me say this a different way. My son Tyler is taking tennis lessons. He’s seven years old. He’s learning good motor skill habits at a young age. Many times he’ll swing with correct technique coming from low to high but he’ll miss the ball. His swing and follow through were correct but he just missed the ball. He’ll get it.

During one lesson he hit a nearly perfect backhand. What a sweet and smooth almost effortless stroke with the ball going deep into the court, a winner! He had a neurological firing to produce that muscular movement resulting in the perfect shot. If he can do it once it means that he is capable of duplicating it again. If he can keep firing those same neurons they will wire together and he will have a pattern or a habit. If the athletes can have supreme effort on one play then they can have it on every plan.

I’d like to think that I’m in the speaking, training and coaching business. The truth is I’m in the marketing business. Without marketing a terrible thing happens, nothing! The other day I made 85 calls, 48 contacts, 53 actual dials and 32 emails. That’s an A rated activity day. If I can do that level of activity one day, then I can do it every day.

How about you? What is your level of effort every day? Do you want to make more money? I’ll assume yes. Then see more people. The insurance folks have a saying, Seymour Sellmore. If you see more people you will sell more people. Every industry has their numbers. The insurance folks say that you need to make 100 calls to get 10 prospects from which you will set appointments with 3 and sell 1.

At one time the pressure washer industry had this ratio;

See 15 people a day to get one demo. Make 4 demos and you’ll have one sale with the national average being $4000 per machine sold. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of these numbers but I’ll bet you could get them from CETA’s best practice program.

If you want to make more money you need to put more energy into the system and see more people. The receipt is to be very precisely prepared, well researched meaning know who uses pressure washing equipment in your territory, map out each day for efficiency and then simply execute with passion. You’ll need to have excellent measurement and tracking. You’ve got to know the score. You can’t control the mind of the marketplace but you can control your own efforts. Let me put it this way, you must control your own efforts.

Let’s go quantum!

Using two villages on opposite sides ofGenevaas their lab, Swiss physicists have taken one of the strangest phenomena of quantum physics to new heights. They sent a pair of photons along fiber optic cables, one to each village. When they measured one photon upon its arrival, the other changed instantaneously-though it was 11 miles away. This strange relationship is called quantum entanglement.

Quantum mechanics is the branch of physics that governs the very small. Your thoughts are in the quantum realm. Classical physics governs the large, the movement of the planets, and the effects of gravity, action-reaction, cause and effect.

This means that you must operate within the probabilities of both branches of physics. You must obey action-reaction, cause and effect by having enough effort and energy put into the system (classical physics) and you must obey the laws of the quantum world by having thoughts of possibilities and success. Together, you can not be stopped. Success is a certainty.

The quantum world says that everything from an inanimate object such as wood to a live entity such as man is all made of the same thing, energy. In fact Einstein’s famous equation, E=MC2 states that energy (effort) and matter (results=sales) are the same. It’s like water and ice, two different states of the same thing. Everything is energy. Everything is entangled. Everything and every one is interrelated.

What you seek is also seeking you. If you want more sales then go out there and execute your plan, see more people and you too will act at a distance. You will become entangled and have an impact on another meaning you have the solution that someone is seeking. It’s all about you, your effort, your preparation, your attitude and your consistency.

Any questions?

Coach Bob

Bob Davies, B.S. Health, M.Ed. Psychology is a speaker, author, trainer and coach. His principles of performance excellence are scientifically based and guarantee results. He is a corporate CEO coach and works with individuals  to help them to coach for best effort every day. 866-262-3284 Author of the book, “The 1.2% Factor-How the Small Change of Accountability Leads to Large Results!”

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