Change – It’s Natures Way

Hold a pencil above eye level. Let go of your grip and you can predict with 100% certainty that it will fall. Although the principle of gravity remains unseen you know that it exists and therefore you plan accordingly.

This principle holds true for all of nature’s ways. Dig a hole in your back yard and leave it alone. In a short period of time it will fill in. Nature abhors a vacuum. This principle exerts its effect regardless of our understanding or belief.

There is an arrow of time with our perception. Although time works equally well both forward and backwards in physics equations, we can only perceive times arrow moving forward. A broken egg never gets unbroken. Times arrow is another principle of nature.

So it is with change. The good news is that there is a direction of change towards ongoing learning. It seems that the answers to all of our problems from clean energy to world peace are all ready present, it’s just our discovering what they are.  This discovery or learning happens over time and the direction of time is towards constant learning.

All of a sudden in what seems like a blink of eye, the world can change forever. A few inventions have had such a powerful effect that they changed the way people think and act. The printing press, steam power, the telegraph and the computer were gigantic forces for change.

In about 1450, a German goldsmith, Johann Gutenberg, invented the first printing press. This press used movable type. Prior to this books were created by hand. This took years to copy and of course was very expensive.

The press made it possible for everyone to own books. Newspapers also became commonplace. The printing press changed every part of civilization. Discoveries in the sciences changed the way people saw the universe. The period between the 1500s and the 1700s is called the scientific revolution.

Experts believe the scientific revolution started when Nicolaus Copernicus tried to convince people that the earth and planets moved around the sun. The commonly held belief was that it was a certainty that the earth was the central figure and everything revolved around it. Copernicus was highly criticized for his contrary belief.

Other advances include the microscope. Prior to this discovery Dr. Lister warned physicians to wash their hands because of unseen germs. He also was met with skepticism.

Galileo improved the telescope and this allowed him to see images of the moon and other planets. Isaac Newton’s discovery of the laws of motion and gravity further changed beliefs.

In the late 1700s and early 1800s technology changed history once again. The prevailing thinking was that the only way to increase human strength or speed was to work with a stronger animal such as a horse. The invention of steam engines gave people a new source of power.

In 1800 it would have taken six days to travel from New York City to Washington D.C., by horseback. By the 1830’s, steam powered trains transported people on this journey in less than a day and at an affordable price.

Steamboats and steam locomotives gave people the ability to move themselves and goods all over the country, even in remote areas. People could visit family and friends and news spread quickly all over the country.

The first telegraph line was completed in 1844 making instant communication possible for the first time in history. By 1866 a telegraph cable was run on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. People could now instantly communicate with other countries as well.

Steam engines and the telegraph changed the way people thought about time and space. The world appeared to be smaller and interconnected. What’s most interesting however are the countless beliefs that were previously held as being true that were now cast aside. New possibilities continued to be revealed.

With the invention of computers everything changed again. The first electronic computer, the ENIAC or Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator, was build in 1946. By 1995 the Internet was up and running. Today computer driven robots are performing surgeries. Computers can respond to thoughts from people who are paralyzed. Computers are running the Mars Curiosity rover.

So what does this mean to you for this year? It means that you can benefit by using a planning strategy and suspending fear and doubt. I’ve always maintained that when I coach someone I’m not adding anything new. What I do is teach you how to have access to the talent and abilities that you already have.

All of the great advances that I’ve previously mentioned were already here. It just took our civilizations growth and maturity to learn how to tap into what was already available.

So what will you create for this year? What do you want? What do you need to do to have what you want? What do you need to do this week? What do you commit to do this week? Next add accountability and create a behavioral contract where you will be held accountable to take the actions to execute your weekly plan with a negative consequence if you don’t.

One thing you can count on is that there is a direction of the universe and that is constant growth and improvement. Are you growing and improving? Constant learning is the best medicine for you to have continued mental clarity and yes, health. So, what are you committed to learn and create this year? Challenge your limiting beliefs. Embrace this statement;

“You have far more capacity to create the circumstances and events in your life then you are aware of.”

Decide what you will create for yourself and your family right now. Make your plan and execute your plan. Expand what you think is possible. Live with passion and energy. Create your life!

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