Group Teleconference Coaching/ Food Management Program & Performance Excellence - $307 / Month


Performance excellence and an emphasis on the food management wellness program. This exciting package allows users to attend live, interactive teleconferences with Bob Davies. Upon signing up for this program, users are entitled to two 60- to 90-minute teleconference calls each month. Each program is led by Bob Davies himself, and focuses on helping individuals learn and apply the lessons from his powerful and exciting keynotes “The 1.2% Factor” and “The Manager as a Coach”. This series also features the “Food Management Program”, which has been successful in helping countless people across the nation adopt healthier lifestyles and eating habits. Bob uses audience interaction to help users develop new behavioral concepts and apply them to their lives. Users may also apply for a hot-seat on the live call and receive personal coaching. Each call is self-contained; users do not have to have been on each previous call to receive the full value of this program. Monthly recurring fee of $307.

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