How to form a Strategic Alliance


One hour 13 minute video Bob Davies Strategic Alliance Presentation plus workbook. Bob Davies has been teaching financial advisers, attorneys, accountants and other business owners how to leverage their full service commitments to their clients through the formation of a strategic alliance. This is a separate organization, different from each founding member. This is the strongest approach to creating full service value for your clients by surrounding yourself with a team of experts who all serve the high net worth house hold. If you do not have a formal strategic alliance this program will give you a step by step approach, a system on what to do to form one. You can share this video with other potential members of your alliance as a way to educate them of the possibilities that are created by forming an alliance. You will now be creating a source of constant referrals through the alliance events that you participate in. Every person I have personally coached to create an alliance has become the go to source and a dominate force in their marketplace. Feel free to circulate this material to your potential alliance members, however, do not circulate this to other financial professionals. They need to purchase a subscriber license just like you have.

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