Davies Day Book - 365 Concepts for Excellence


Research shows that 95% of dieters regain the weight they lost and frequently end up heavier than when they started. What do the 5% who keep the weight off know that the others don’t? Let’s solve this problem right now.

It is well documented in FDA literature what the best guidelines for healthy eating are yet more people are obese than ever before in human history. The answer is that the current mainstream nutritional and health guidelines are not correct.

For example, you don’t count calories, you don’t avoid fat, you don’t avoid cholesterol. Any plan that allows you to eat flour and sugar is going to fail.

This book gives you the food plan that will bring you to the following weight, your first 5 feet of height take 100 pounds, each inch taller women add 5 pounds per inch and men 7. That’s the promise of this program for you. This book is the reinforcement and support for the food plan.

The key for the success of the food plan is your personal growth, learning and development. That’s what this book will do. It’s designed for you to read one page, one behavioral concept a day, every day. Even if you were not interested in weight management this book is the step by step commitment to excellence. The results are immediate in your health, business and personal life.

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