One-on-One Live Coaching with Bob Davies


This intensive one-on-one program allows Bob to work directly with his clients to identify the areas in their lives that will benefit from the intervention of Bob’s life-improvement strategies. Individuals work directly with Bob Davies to apply his incredibly successful business and life strategies to their own set of circumstances and agreed upon goals. After the initial intake call, which lasts up to two hours, and an hour-long follow-up call, users will receive two 45-minute phone calls each month. Between each call, users are given assignments that will help them work toward taking actionable steps that will lead to significant personal and professional results. Bob’s personal coaching techniques focus on opening new perspectives and insights that allow individuals to recognize their innate potential. By challenging personal viewpoints, Bob will lead individuals to expand their possibilities and to adopt a system of accountability that will allow them to overcome any personal or professional obstacle. $4,150 for the first month then $2,500 per month thereafter.

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