Online Coaching Program Advanced Preparation


Contains 2 CD's with notebook on CD. Whether you’re a highly successful entrepreneur looking to gain an edge over your competition, or if you want to achieve greater results in your personal life, this program helps introduce new users to Bob Davies’ groundbreaking motivational techniques. Using this collection will prepare users for Bob’s Online Coaching program, and even includes a promotional code for 1 FREE month of the online coaching service. This is a platform for behavioral contracting that will enable you to make weekly commitments and to designate enforceable consequences for non-performance. Bob will hold you accountable to “do what you say you will do.” Although it is not a requirement for the online coaching program, it will give you an edge that will allow you to achieve greater results from the program in a shorter amount of time. Order now to take the first step in your transformative coaching experience! Price is $59.95. Also includes one free month of Bob’s online coaching program (A $19.95 value)

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