My version of The Theory of Everything!

By Bob Davies

clip_image002Here is a heads up for you. For a long time I’ve been very interested in how the laws of science, physics, math and psychology apply to human behavior. Many of the previous coaching content you’ve experienced considered concepts from the leading edge of research in those disciplines. I’ve been doing quite a bit of “new” research moving forward so you may see more leading edge insights that affect you on a daily basis in future calls. Today’s call is one of those.

Albert Einstein in 1905 said that the essence of his theory of relativity is that we are all equal. We all have the same access to the laws of physics! He went on to say that motion is the key to everything that happens!

The natural state of motion on earth is that we move at a straight line at a constant speed, also known as the law of inertia. A push or a pull is required only to change motion.

Back in the 1700’s, Isaac Newton developed his famous three laws of motion.

1) An object moves uniformly, straight line, constant speed,      unless acted upon by a force. (Law of inertia)
2) A larger force produces a larger acceleration.
3) Forces come in pairs. If A pushes B, then B pushes on A in an      equal amount. (Equal and opposite reaction)

So, what does all of this mean? It means that we live in a cause and effect world. It means that we all have access to abundance if we all simply follow the rules of performance that will give us the highest probability of achieving the results that we are seeking. It means that we live in a universe of rules and laws that are available to everyone.

Translated, this means that anyone who applies these principles will experience predicable results. I did, and you can too!

I grew up in poverty. I was raised in a single parent household and am the only person in my immediate family to ever graduate high school. My mother never graduated. My older brother was involved with drugs and never graduated. My younger sister was also involved with drugs and never graduated. (She has since not only graduated from high school but also gone on to get her nursing degree-I am very proud of her!)

I got lucky. I was involved with sports and had a coach who held me accountable to tap into my potential and set and achieve goals! My coach challenged me to make a decision on what I wanted, what was important, and what I would need to do to have what I wanted, and what I would commit to do right now! (Sound familiar?)

These early experiences became a template that I followed to break through the grasp of low self-image and poverty and claim the abundance and prosperity that is present for everyone.

I learned to get M.A.D. This means, make a decision on what I wanted, what I needed to do to have what I wanted, and then apply the elite performance formula;


According to the laws of physics, anybody in motion will remain in motion unless acted on by an external force. The natural state for all human beings is prosperity, health and abundance. Everyone would have this in their lives except they are acted upon with pushes and pulls. These pushes and pulls are distractions, competing priorities, interruptions, negative attitudes, stress, and the realities of daily life.

The results of these pushes and pulls are mediocrity for 70% of the population. It has become abnormal to have excellence and elite performance unless there is an intervention. What is the intervention? You already know, it’s Behavioral Contracting!

Psychologist and scientists know how the brain works. They know that we are in a constant state of recognition of the highest level of perceived pain and then avoidance.” This is what we do. Unless we have an intervention, we will work up to our comfort zone, avoid and justify our avoidance with rationalization. The intervention is behavioral contracting.”

Something changes in our focus when we make a specific declaration of what actions we will take in a short period of time, seven days. But that’s not enough. We all need to have accountability to take the committed actions. It’s our accountability that enables us to handle and navigate the normal pushes and pulls that occur daily that distract most people. Accountability follows the following formula;


It’s not enough just to say what you will do. There must be what I call “The Check In”. That is where an outside source checks in with you to see if you actually did what you said you would do. That is still not enough! You’ve got to have a negative, painful consequence that will be enforced for non- performance!

The reason for this is how the brain works. Neurosurgeons agree the brain is designed to constantly seek the highest level of perceived pain, and then to compel you to avoid that pain. To protect ourselves from feeling guilty about our avoidance we justify the avoidance with rationalization and never know we are doing it. We just think that we were just too busy!

I had been teaching these principles since I refined my techniques as a football coach at Cal State Fullerton. Working alongside great coaches like Steve Mariucci, the former head coach of the NFL’s SF 49’ers and Detroit Lions, we unlocked the code to tap into the talent and potential in each athlete and turn it into actual performance. The result was two conference championships!

I have been bringing these techniques to the general business population ever since I resigned football coaching in 1983. These principles were widely accepted but there was a universal problem. People were not enforcing the negative consequences for non-performance.

You can’t fight human nature. Our brain searches like a computer and finds the highest level of perceived pain, then compels us to avoid and rationalize! It is a mathematical certainty that this will occur. We need to embrace this and use it. We need to create a highest level of pain in the negative consequence. This way, our brains will focus on avoiding the consequence. The way we avoid the consequence is by doing what we said we would do!

As long as you are careful with what you commit to, (MLO’S), this principle will enable you to compete with the pushes and pulls, the distractions, and will keep your momentum of activity and accomplishment. This formula will keep you focused on getting things done rather than focusing on the reasons why you can’t. It will create inertia, remember, anybody in motion will remain in motion unless acted on by an outside force.

This is what led to the invention of this on-line coaching program. “This is a system of weekly decision making and accountability. You are making a decision on what you will commit to do over the next seven days, and then you place a consequence or fine on each promise that will be enforced by the computer if you don’t accomplish the specified task! It’s brilliant! The results are that you get more done! (Feel free to send me a note about your specific results, info@bobdaviescom. The behavioral contracting program is

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California, embraces this concept. In the August 2004 issue of Muscle & Fitness magazine, he states, “I needed a plan of action.” He was referring to changing a weakness, his calves, into a strength. “Within a year my calves had grown by 2 inches. By committing myself to a firm plan of action, I had turned a weak body part into a strong one. That episode illustrates the kind of mind-set that drives me. My mentality dictates that for whatever time I invest in a task, I must achieve a result proportionate to the time invested.”

“I developed this approach soon after I began body building and came to understand very quickly that I only got out of my workouts what I was prepared to put into them.” (Newton’s third law of motion; Forces come in pairs. If A pushes B, then B pushes on A in an equal amount, equal and opposite reaction)

As you know, these principles have been used by sales people, athletes, business owners, entrepreneurs and housewives, who all had one thing in common; they wanted to improve something in their lives.

Make this a scientific experiment. Try behavioral contracting for one week and see if it makes a difference!

Thank you for believing in you! Spread the word!

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