You’ve Got A Lot to Lose! Client Appreciation and Acquisition With a Food Management Seminar!

You’ve Got A Lot to Lose! Client Appreciation and Acquisition With a Food Management Seminar!
By Bob Davies

Before speaking at this past TD Ameritrade conference I was visiting with Rob Forrester from Alliance Bernstein. I invited him to listen to my program on performance excellence. I also mentioned that I had just finished several years of research on a program that would teach advisors a food management system that they could use as a seminar for their clients and referrals.

Rob commented that he thought it was a great idea. Not only does the advisor coach the client on growing their money for retirement but now he or she would be coaching them to be healthy when they start to get their money back.

Talk about differentiating yourself from your competitor and adding extreme high value in your service to your client. I always coach advisors that they need to give more of themselves to their clients, that they are their clients “life coaches” and that not only means safeguarding their money, assets and lifestyle for retirement but also preserving their health.

I know you’ve had a conversation with your clients where you’ve asked what money meant to them and how much is enough. Have you also asked what life would be like if they were able to lose 50 pounds or more? I’ll bet this is not on your review checklist and it has never made your product grid.

Why is that? I’ll ask you to consider because you were never taught it. It was never emphasized at a broker dealer conference. You just never thought about this being a part of your role for full service, until now.

Let’s look at the big picture and then we’ll come back to your circumstances and center of influence.

Our nation is in the midst of a public health crisis so profound that is it undermining our well-being, our economic competitiveness and even our long-term national security.

More broadly, the costs of obesity and chronic disease have become a major drag on our economy. Escalating health care costs are the main driver of our spiraling national debt, and obesity-related illness makes up an increasingly large share of our massive health costs. The obesity crisis is therefore not just a health crisis, but a major contributor to our fiscal crisis.

Over two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. One-third of American children are overweight or obese. And among children under the age of six, nearly one in five is overweight or obese. Obese people are far more likely to develop chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, asthma, heart disease and cancer. In short, obesity is the most urgent public health problem in America today.

This could be the first generation of children in the United States that lives less then their parents. We spend 2.2 trillion dollars a year on health care, over five times more than the defense budget. We pay more per person in health care then any industrialized country in the world. Yet we’re sicker than ever. Every minute a person in the US is killed by heart disease.
The U.S. government has a part of the blame. Subsidies to farmers to produce piles of corn and soybeans turned into high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils are major contributors to the sweet tasting foods that are being produced that sell but are not good for you.

U.S. farmers now produce 3,900 calories per U.S. citizen per day . That is twice what we need. Since humans have a built in weakness for fats and sugar we have gotten fatter every year. We subsidize the cheap calories of processed foods with our tax dollars. A profit driven food industry has exploded and nutritionally bankrupted our caloric supply.

There’s no money in healthy people. There’s no money in dead people. The money is in the people in the middle, people who are alive, sort of, but with one or more chronic conditions. One out of three people born today will develop the crippling condition of diabetes in their lifetime.

Millions of others are so stimulated by sugar, coffee and energy drinks that they mask their chronic fatigue. Could there be a solution to all of these problems? A solution so simple that it’s mind boggling that more of us haven’t heard about it nor are using it?

Turning the tide of this epidemic will require leadership, first and foremost. All sectors of society must be engaged and all must take responsibility – from individuals and families to communities, institutions and government.

So why is this your problem or concern? Bill Maher stated in his comedic routine, “Someone has to stand up and say that the answer is not another pill, the answer is spinach.”

This is an excellent opportunity for you to be the source of a solution that your clients would not have had access to otherwise. Their physicians don’t know about nutrition. Even dieticians are spewing out information that is outdated, inaccurate or just too confusing.

The organizations that are designed to help Americans get healthy have no incentive to create success. If they do that then they are out of business. They create a dependency, lose some weight, buy our food, attend our meetings, stay on our program or you’ll gain it all back and that’s just what happens.

You are non-partisan. You have no agenda other than to be of service to your clients and their referrals. You get by giving and I’m going to teach you how starting right now.

Why is it so difficult for people to lose weight and keep it off? The reasons have to do with our human genetic coding, the way genes are turned on and off, the triggering of hormones, and other factors that are outside the scope of this article. Instead of going in that direction I’m going to just right to the solution.

I’ll ask you to accept that there are physiological and biochemical events in each of us that make dieting very difficult to sustain.

Also there are psychological processes at work. First, it’s perceived as being too hard. People fear cravings, they fear being hungry, they don’t trust willpower, they’ve failed before.

What I’m about to share with you will take all of that away and make you look like a hero in front of your clients and their referrals.

Hold a seminar on “How to Eat!” This is not a diet, doesn’t require willpower, and doesn’t require exercise, no cravings, no hunger and best of all its easy.

The best approach would be for you to use this food plan for 90 days. Go 90 days abstinent from sugar and flour. That’s right. Here’s the plan. It’s simple. Its three weighed and measured meals a day, no flour, no sugar, no snacking in between. Period! Eat breakfast, four hours later eat lunch, five hours later eat dinner. Eat dinner only between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm, not earlier and not later.

I will give you the food plan. There is more that I can show you in terms of actually delivering a power point presentation as a seminar but that can come later.

The first step is for you to get on the plan yourself for 90 days. I promise you that your clothes are going to hang on you and you will feel better then you have in years. You will have no problem sharing this with your clients and using it as a recruiting event based on the results you achieve. It just requires rigorous honesty on your part and a willingness to change.

The food plan: 3 weighed and measured meals, no flour or sugar.

Step one: Get a digital body weight scale. Get your baseline body weight. Do not weigh yourself again for another 30 days.

Step two: Get a digital food scale. Weigh and measure every meal.

This is it. Here’s what you’re going to find. Most likely you will discover that you are not eating enough at breakfast and lunch. That’s what I found. There is plenty of food here. The key has to do with the speed at which carbohydrates are metabolized into sugar. You are getting such a healthy amount of fiber in this meal plan, remember, it’s not a diet, and you are not going to be hungry. You are not going to have cravings. There is no need for willpower, it will be easy.

Because your body is getting the proper nutrition probably for the first time and due to the slow and steady of the release of glucose into your blood stream, insulin, which transports the glucose into your cells is working efficiently. When people don’t eat properly they flood their blood stream with fast glucose from processed foods and insulin levels rise taking the excess sugar directly into the fat cells for storage.

This will be easy for you. Go shopping. Be prepared. Cook your food in advance, put it into baggies and take all of the decisions about eating completely away. You now have boundaries. You know what time to eat, what foods to eat and when to stop.

You can’t trust your body sensations to tell you this because you are genetically coded to binge when food is available to protect yourself from the times when food is scarce. You have to have a program, a plan.

The key is to have reinforcement, support and accountability to stay on the plan. Show this plan to your doctor and I promise you it will be blessed. Something significant will happen to you in 90 days.

I have seen people with big numbers use this to lose hundreds of pounds and keep it off. Once you have experienced this for yourself you’ll be having your assistant call your clients with an “each one reach one” referral campaign. You’ll be so excited to share the new you with your clients and their friends. If they haven’t seen you in 90 days you will get more compliments then you can imagine.

If you are interested in being supported on this 90 day journey make contact with me and I’ll provide that support. Your life may depend on it.

One last note. I’m a skydiver. Everyone knows that I’ve dropped 50 pounds over the last several months since skydiving is so weight sensitive. The manager of the Perris Valley skydiving facility came out of the restaurant with a plate of sugar and flour and started to sit down next to me to eat but stopped himself and said, “I’m not going to eat this in front of you” and then walked away.

I kept thinking, he thinks that I’m starving. If he only knew how easy this has been.

Are you ready to live excellence and then teach your clients the same?

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